District Disability Rehabilitation Centre, Ahmednagar

(Approved by Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India)

जिल्हा दिव्यांग पुनर्वसन केंद्र, अहमदनगर

( सामाजिक न्याय व अधिकारिता मंत्रालय भारत सरकार द्वारा नियुक्त डॉ. विट्ठलराव विखे पाटिल फाउंडेशन द्वारा कार्यान्वित )

Physiotherapy Equipment
Sr. No. Name of the Equipment
1 Foot Scan Machine
2 Virtual Reality Unit
3 Weight machine
4 Static Cycle Upper and Lower both
5 Electrical Stimulator-LCD/Duel Channel
6 Shoulder Wheel Magnetic / LCD
7 Cold Pack Unit 12 Variable Cold Gel Packs
8 Ultrasound Unit- 1 and 3 MHz / LCD
9 Overhead Pulley
10 Ankle Exerciser
11 Pronator Supinator Unit
12 Gait Analyzer
Neuro Equipment
Sr. No Name of Equipment
Pediatric Equipment
Sr. No Name of Equipment
Cerebral-palsy Equipment
Sr. No. Name of the Equipment
1 Foot Scan Machine
2 Virtual Reality Unit
3 Weight machine
4 Prone Crawlier
5 Parallel bar (Small size)
6 Bean Bag
7 ADL Training Board Dummy Electric
8 ADL Training Board Different Doors
9 Dressing Frames (Set)
10 Door Latch Frame set
11 Cloth Clips
12 Dummies for Dressing skills combing activities (1 set)
13 Garment with different size buttons
14 Toys to train shoe lacing
15 Rocker Bottom Knife
16 Swivel spoon, adapted handles with utensils (Detachable)
17 Pen holder
18 Reacher’s
19 Plate Guard
20 Peg Boards
21 Pop Beads
22 Little Bigger Blocks
23 Coin box Hundi
24 Soft ball
25 Hand exerciser
26 Coordination Electronic Board
27 Magnetic Peg Board
28 Little Bigger blocks (for improving mass grasp for stroke patient)
29 Balls (Basket and Volley Ball)
30 Thera band
31 Wooden board with 50 holes and 20 rust-free galvanized roads
32 Educational waterproof chart of surroundings, etc.
33 I Flash card holder (New Design)91
34 Education Pictures card and work card kits (7 Waterproof pictures cards & foam bond matching word in each kit like for transport, playtime, found me)
35 Clock face stamp on teakwood base small, medium, large oval
36 Stamps on vegetables on specially designed colored base
37 Stamps of fruits on a special base
38 Stamps on wild animals on a special base
39 Stamps on domestic animals on a special base
40 Stamps on transport on a special base
41 Wooden number strip (1-100) and display folder
42 Education wooden number cards for numbers (1-100), symbols etc.
43 Day birdie (A puzzle to learn the days of the week)
44 Grown plant (to learn of the plant and how they grow)
45 Handprints (to learn Nos.1-5)
46 Footprints (to learn Nos.11-20)
47 Odd and even duck (to introduce odd even Nos. 1-10)
48 What we wear- 25 Picture cards of clothes, 25 word cards of clothes, 25 word cards of helping words
Pediatric-physiotherapy Equipment
Sr. No Name of Equipment
Occupation-therapy Equipment
Sr. No. Name of the Equipment
1 Shoulder Wheel
2 Inclined Standing Unit
3 Therapy Ball / Physio Ball (With Pump) (45 cm diameter)
4 Therapy Ball/ Physio Ball (75 cm diameter)
5 Wedge
6 CP chair
7 Corner Chair
8 Bolster(Diameter 40 cm X 120cm long)
9 ADL board (Buttoning Unbuttoning board)
10 ADL board (Latch, lock and key board)
11 Rowing Machine
12 Mushroom peg board
13 Weighted peg board
14 Pyramids
15 Pronator/ supinator device(Wall mounted)
16 Weighted Cuffs (2 Pairs)
17 Medicine Ball
18 Postural training mirror (with Frame)
19 Foot rocker board
20 Wrist roller
Prosthesis-orthotics Equipment
Sr. No. Name of the Equipment
1 Suction Machine
2 Buffing machine
3 Drill machine
4 Bench Grinder with all accessories complete
5 Super Carver Kit
6 Leather Sewing Machine (electric Driver)
7 Anvil (50 kg and 20 kg)
8 Fabrication
Speech-therapy-audiology Equipment
Sr. No Name of Equipment

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